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Word from the Coordinator

Dear members of the university community, students, teachers and administrative staff, it is with great pride and a deep sense of responsibility that I address you as Coordinator of the Digital University of Gabon. Our university is a pillar of higher education in our country, and our commitment to academic excellence and cutting-edge research is second to none.

UNG is resolutely forward-looking, embracing the opportunities that technology offers to transform education and learning. Our aim is to prepare our students to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world, providing them with the skills they need to succeed in their careers and become enlightened, engaged citizens.

A modern university

Over the last few years, many people have joined forces within the Université Numérique du Gabon to develop together the concept of an information system that facilitates the work of members of the university community and promotes the evolution of our institution.

Thanks to information technology, a real vector of change, a modern university is now accessible to everyone, almost everywhere
in Gabon.

Our Departments

Several departments within the Université Numérique du Gabon (UNG) actively contribute to its operation and commitment to academic excellence.

The departments reporting to the Rectorate are :

- Research and Innovation Department, abbreviated DERI

- Open Digital Spaces Department, abbreviated DENO ;

- Infrastructure and Information Systems Department, abbreviated DISI ;

- Development and Cooperation Department, abbreviated DDC;

- Training and Pedagogical Engineering Department, abbreviated DFIP.

These departments work closely together to ensure an enriching student experience, cutting-edge research and a significant contribution to the development of society as a whole.

Foundations of UNG

Discover the latest news about the UNG, its students, staff and partners. All news
ranging from academic activities or events to institutional activities.

Free learning

Learn with enthusiasm, at your own rhythm and at your own convenience, with no strings attached.

Technical tools

Exploit the potential of modern tools such as mobile and computer technology and WIFI.

Open digital areas (ODA)

Various infrastructures and technologies.

High-quality training courses

Evaluated training courses and certification without complacency, in all fairness and transparency.

Employment-oriented jobs

Courses designed for direct insertion into the world of professional life.

One-to-one support (tutoring)

A number of mentors are on hand to provide individualized support for each student.

Our values

With an innovative system, we offer quality training to guarantee access to knowledge
for all, and promote employability.


Through strategic partnerships and the involvement of professionals in a wide range of sectors, preparing future students for employment is a priority at UNG.


The virtual nature of the UNG places it in the context of innovative processes, through the use of new information and communication technologies.


Knowledge, interpersonal skills and know-how, to ensure that future students are competitive in the face of a multitude of applications, both national and international.

Discover our ODAs

To facilitate and optimize learner training, the Université Numérique du Gabon has set up Open Digital Areas (ODAs). Here, learners will find all the technological and material infrastructures and facilities they need for their training.

Our long-term goal is to provide access to quality training for people throughout the country, helping to increase job creation and reduce unemployment.

A qualified team

Thanks to its modern learning system, which differs from the traditional model, the UNG can enable students to move more quickly through an academic curriculum, according to the dynamics of their work pace.

It's also an ideal opportunity to combine theory and practice. Indeed, by following a sandwich course, students receive the same quality of teaching as in a traditional curriculum.

Accredited diplomas

UNG of Gabon is a public distance learning university focused on digital education. It offers qualifying and professional training courses, with state-recognized diplomas.

What's more, the opportunity to follow a sandwich course enhances the value of this apprenticeship framework. Indeed, the profile of a graduate from a sandwich course is much more attractive to recruiters

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