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Academic year 2022-2023 at UNG

Academic year 2022-2023 at UNG

Gabon's UNG is a public distance-learning university focused on digital education. It offers training leading to qualifications, diplomas and professional qualifications. Studies at UNG are based on a tutoring system that enhances learner supervision while instilling a culture of independent learning. Training is carried out at a distance with access to online teaching and documentary resources, the organization of webinars and the use of digital workspaces.

Specific (secondary) objectives: Meet growing demand for access to higher education. Reduce inequalities in access to higher education University integrated into the social fabric. Training in line with market demand (employment & self-employment). Conveying concepts linked to the use of ICTs for pedagogical purposes, lifelong learning skills, autonomy, collaborative work skills.

Why create the UNG? And why choose the UNG over any other?

Because it's a local university. You can study in the field of your choice without having to leave your region, give up your job or depend on the availability of a face-to-face teacher. You can also benefit from a dedicated digital library.

Because it breaks down the barriers of growing demand and inequality of access to higher education, using modern information and communication technologies. Choosing to learn at the UNG means ensuring that your training is in line with market demand (employment and self-employment), and making the concept of "training for all" a reality...

What digital tools are used at the UNG?

  • An international-standard website
  • A Learning Management System (LMS)
  • School Management System (SMS)

Over the past few years, many people have been working together at the Université Numérique du Gabon to develop the concept of an information system that facilitates the work of members of the university community and promotes the evolution of our institution.

I'm sure you'll agree that, while technologies are not an end in themselves, they do help us in our daily lives, and even transform them. Information technologies are vectors of change, whether in teaching or in other areas.

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