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Economics, Management & Law

Studies in economics & management enable students to acquire the knowledge they need to decipher the economic and financial environment, and to master the tools used in strategic decision-making by companies or public authorities at local or international level.

Economics, Management & Law

Courses and research in economics, management and law for specialist legal professions..., eBanking, payroll and labor relations management assistants, etc.


Legal Specialist in Business Law and Corporate Taxation

The Business Law and Corporate Tax lawyer is a legal professional with in-depth expertise in the fields of business law and taxation, who puts this knowledge to work for companies. Their role is to provide strategic legal and tax advice to help companies comply with the law, optimize their financial situation and minimize legal and tax risks.


Lawyer specializing in corporate legal and tax management

A lawyer specializing in Corporate Legal and Tax Management is a legal professional who focuses on the legal and tax aspects of running a business. His or her role is to advise and assist the company in making business law and tax decisions to comply with the law, minimize legal and tax risks, and optimize the company's financial situation.


Specialist in Legal and Judicial Careers

A legal and judicial careers lawyer is a legal professional who focuses on aspects related to legal careers, legal professions and court systems. This area of expertise covers a wide range of subjects and roles related to the practice of law and the functioning of the courts.


Assistant Payroll and Labor Relations Manager

The Payroll and Labor Relations Management Assistant is a professional who plays a key role in human resources and personnel administration. His or her main responsibilities include payroll management, management of employment contracts and maintenance of labor relations within the company.


Social Lawyer

The social lawyer is a legal professional specializing in legal issues relating to labor relations, labor law and social protection. Their role is to assist and advise employers, employees, trade unions and other stakeholders on the legal aspects of labor relations and social rights.


Banking professions (ebanking)

The Banking course focuses on the various aspects of the banking business, such as banking operations, account management, wealth management, risk management, financial products and banking regulations.


Insurance professions

The insurance business covers a wide range of functions, from risk management and underwriting to claims management and the sale of insurance policies.