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Engineering Science & Technology

These engineering sciences & techniques are first and foremost an approach that involves improving existing systems and inventing new ones to meet future user needs. Problem-solving and creativity are therefore the order of the day.

Engineering Science & Technology

Teaching and research in engineering sciences and technology for digital communications and fiber optics, industrial computing, etc.


Digital communication professions

The Digital Communications Manager (CCM) works in digital communications and web marketing. They are the link between the brand and web users.


Fiber Optic Professions

Fiber optics are the future of high-speed networks. The fiber optics technician is therefore currently a very buoyant profession, responsible for guaranteeing the equipment of the entire territory.


Software Developer

The software developer is the artist and creator of digital applications. They have a sound knowledge of the mobile world, current standards and programming languages.


Industrial Maintenance

The industrial maintenance technician ensures that the company's equipment is always in working order. They ensure that production runs smoothly.


Network & Telecommunications Professions

These professions are part of everyday life. Internet, telephony and data transfer are their areas of expertise. They are indispensable to both businesses and private individuals.