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Humanities & Social Sciences

The term humanities and social sciences refers to all the scientific disciplines that study human beings and society. These sciences are concerned with human activities, behaviors, thoughts and intentions, lifestyles and temporal evolution.

Humanities & Social Sciences

Teaching and Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences for the professions of Cultural Heritage Conservator, Theologian, Protocol, Interpreter-Translator, etc.



A linguist is a specialist who studies human language in all its forms. Linguists are interested in the structure, evolution, acquisition and use of languages. They examine language systems in order to better understand how languages work, how they are acquired by individuals and how they evolve over time.



A theologian is a specialist who studies and interprets religious doctrines and beliefs. The term "theologian" comes from the Greek word "theologia", meaning "discourse about God". Theologians strive to understand the fundamental principles of a religion, its sacred texts, teachings and religious practices.


Artist and Sports Manager

The Artist and Sports Manager is a professional specializing in career management, representation and promotion for artists and sportspeople. His role is to support and accompany his clients in their professional development, negotiate contracts, manage their public image and help them achieve their career objectives.


Skills Assessment Consultant

A Skills Assessment Consultant is a professional who specializes in helping individuals reflect on their career and professional development. His or her main role is to help people to identify their skills, motivations and aspirations, and to consider career directions.


Heritage Conservation Officer

The Heritage Conservator is a professional specializing in the preservation, management and promotion of the cultural and historical heritage of a region, city, museum, monument or collection. This profession is often practiced in institutions such as museums, archives, libraries, historic sites, castles, historic monuments or heritage departments.


Anthropologist of human rights and civic and humanitarian solidarity

An anthropologist of human rights, civic solidarity and humanitarian action is a professional specializing in the study of human rights, civic solidarity and humanitarian action from an anthropological perspective.



This course enables students to acquire the skills needed to work in a variety of contexts where protocol, public relations and event management are essential. Its aim is to train professionals specializing in protocol, events, corporate communications and the organization of official or corporate events.


Interpretation - Traduction

The interpretation and traduction course trains students in written translation and oral interpretation for a variety of professional fields. Learn the communication techniques and cultural skills needed to work with different languages.


Animators and Designers of Integrated Cultural Activities

Training as facilitators and designers of integrated cultural projects prepares you to organize and implement cultural projects combining various cultural aspects. Learn about project management, communication and community development.



Journalism courses prepare students to write, research, edit and produce content for various media (print, radio, television, web). It helps them develop their capacity for critical analysis and synthesis, their sense of initiative, and their autonomy in decision-making.