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Life & Earth Sciences

The term Life & Earth Sciences (L&E) is used in the education system to designate teaching relating to biology, geosciences and related subjects.

Life & Earth Sciences

The Life & Earth Sciences cluster brings together teaching and research in life and earth sciences for careers in e-agriculture, the wood industry, sustainable development, environmental economics, e-tourism, etc.


Woodworking professions

A Bachelor's degree in woodworking provides training in techniques for transforming wood into finished products and in sustainable forest management, offering opportunities in construction, furnishings, research, sales and forest management.


The Economics of the Environment

Environmental economics studies the interactions between the economy and the environment, and how economic policies can be used to protect the environment. It analyzes the costs and benefits of different environmental management options.



Agribusiness is the application of economic and commercial principles to agriculture, including the production, processing, distribution and sale of agricultural products. It also includes farm business management and agribusiness industry analysis.


Maritime Professions

Training in marine professions covers the technical and professional knowledge needed to work in marine-related industries, such as fishing, aquaculture, shipping, maritime transport and the exploitation of marine resources. It includes the study of marine ecosystems, equipment and technologies used in these industries.


e-Tourism & e-Commerce

This course teaches the tools and strategies for promoting and selling tourism products online, as well as e-commerce website management, the use of social networks for promotion, SEO strategies, digital marketing campaigns and sales tracking and management tools.